The chief ministers who comforted Shilpashri were paid Rs two lakh in Bengaluru.


Bengaluru. The CM Home Office Krishna witnessed the humanitarian incident that the chief minister provided to the refugee woman who had lost her support to the woman who lost her support. Chief Minister HD. Kumaraswamy, who is the Chairperson of the unit, was dismayed by two children who lost her husband’s support. Kumaraswamy has helped out. Shilpa Shree, who met the Chief Minister today, cried out that she was a homemaker and did not want to go home and do anything for child education.

The chief ministers who comforted Shilpashri were paid Rs two lakh. Instead of financial assistance, he immediately spoke to the Deputy Commissioner of Ramanagara and suggested that children get access to the Government Housing School. Nagaraju, a car driver, was found missing on August 27 when he went to Shimoga. Shilpasri complained about her husband’s missing. On September 6, he was found murdered. Meanwhile, Rohit, who is suffering from kidney problems, has received Rs 5 lakh each from the chief minister’s relief fund for treatment. The check was handed over by the chief ministers.

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